Plane models - F3J and F3B
We produce a radio controlled plane models of category F3J and F3B. Color design and also technical parameters could be produced according customers wish. We also deliver accessories for models F3J and F3B - for example pulleys, winches and parachutes.
Aircraft industry - components for ultralight helicopters
We produce fairings and functional parts, for example rudders, elevators for two-seater ultralight helicopters. All parts could be delivered lacquered in demanded color, according to the RAL color scale. We could also produce any composite products, according customers wish.
Production of molds and models
Our production also include manufacture of quality models and molds. During the model construction, we focus on top quality which have positive results for mold quality. In any case, the quality is our priority and your demands our goal.

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We produce components from composite materials and radio controlled plane models of category F3J and F3B. We also offer accessories for this models, for example winches and parachutes. In addition, we could offer varied products from aircraft wheel covers to carbon saddle for bicycles.
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About us

We have started with production of radio controlled models since we were at a young age. After success at competitions and when demand has grown, we have started with production of models intend for sale. Based on our experience, we have made new all-composite model in 2003. We called it SNAKE. Snake has become successful and we are still producing it. Except of model making activity, we also produce composite parts on demand of our customers. We are constantly developing our experiences and we are not afraid of any new challenges in the future.