Accessories for plane models

Accessories for plane models

Below, we offer accessories for models of planes suitable for category F3J and F3B. All accessories are made by our production. Prices do not include shipping.

Hand winch

The spool is removable and is secured by a wing nut. The spool center is made from nylon, flanks are made from aluminum. Winch handle is made from Textite. Weight of winch with spool is 700 grams.

Price: 45 EURTerm of delivery: In stock

Electric winch

Professional electric winch for category F3B. The lever at the top of the winch ensures unidirectional bearing, which allows to rotate the shaft only in the winding direction, and thus there is no backward unwinding of a nylon during the winding. When you end the winding and lock is released you can manually unwind winch - to get parachute back to the pilot. As a source of energy it is possible to use the car battery.

Price: 800 EURTerm of delivery: 4 weeks


The pulley for use with an electric winch. Material of the parts are made from stainless steel and aluminum, the cap of the rod is made from brass. Stainless steel rod with a diameter of 20 mm has length of 920 mm. The pulley has a diameter of 75 mm.

Price: 100 EURTerm of delivery: 4 weeks

Parachute F3J, F3B

Extra firm FAI parachutes for category F3J and F3B. The cap is sewn from thick, high quality parachute cloth. The rope is made from kevlar parachute cord. Rings on both ends are from steel with chrome finish.

Price: 10 EURTerm of delivery: 2 weeks