Custom production
Technology and description of production capabilities

Technology and description of production capabilities

Carbon design part Currently, one of our production activities is producing of parts for ultralight helicopters and production of radio controlled composites plane models. In both of these sectors we use a variety of technologies inter alia, vacuum, composite oven, or finish lacquering of the final product.

We have vacuum station, which is able to ensure vacuum up to 90 kPA. This vacuum is sufficient for any production performed by wet method. For baking, ripening of the product or speeding up production, we use microprocessor-controlled furnace. This can be also used for products, which requires a final high heat resistance. The microprocessor-controlled furnace can be set at a precise temperature cycles.

Lacquering booth Surface finishes is ensured by our own lacquering booth. We also work with putties and filler primers. For top colors we use MIPA brand. We can mix shade of color according to your requirements. Only what we need to know is the shade, based on RAL scale.

None of the materials are not unfamiliar to us, but most often we use epoxy resin. It is given by demand and by specifying of our products. Our supplier is GRM Systems s.r.o. company.